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Whether you’re after a promotion, redesigning your career or searching for your dream job, you can break your tasks into manageable steps by taking part in Pitcheers One-on-One Tech Mentoring programs.

During your sessions, you’ll benefit from in-person coaching, strength-finding workshops, short term / long term tech training, and job search strategy preparation to help you accelerate your career and achieve your goals better and faster.

Some of the companies our tech mentors’ work for:

  • Xero
  • Microsoft
  • Air New Zealand
  • MYOB
  • ANZ
  • Datacom
  • Ambit
  • Stuff
  • Clearpoint
  • ASB

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“Santiago is my professional coach by excellence. Santiago is a fundamental component in my career and the coach that I keep choosing every day. He focuses on my career progression with passion, helping me to achieve my goals and understand my motivations. As a result, I managed always to be prepared for my next challenges. He was part of my transition from development to technical leadership, to later become a development manager. It was crucial to me that he pointed me out my strengths and weaknesses and guided me on how to improve myself. Working with Santiago is a journey that I keep enjoying every day.”
Juan Arias - Development Manager
“It’s been a pleasure working with Santiago in the past few years. Santiago has a deep knowledge of the software market and quickly understood what I was looking for on multiple occasions. His interest in building long term relationships between candidates and companies is extremely valuable. Santiago was not only the recruiter who helped me land a good job, but he also played a very important role in coaching me and challenging my thoughts about my career progression. I highly appreciate all his help and would recommend him without hesitation.”
Ali Hayder - Software Developer
“Pitcheers connected me with technical mentors and guided me to take correct decisions in my career as a Software Developer, including setting up goals and reviewing my progress. He was a key factor in finding my first job as a developer in NZ”
Diego Evangelisti - Software Developer
“My experience with Pitcheers was great! Santiago knows how to focus on the relevant aspects of job searching and applications in a personalized, efficient and practical way. He has a profound understanding of the NZ job market, its needs and limitations, and how to tailor your professional profile to create a desirable value proposition for potential employers, also has a vast contact network to provide you with real-life professional connections. From learning how to read the hidden goals of job descriptions and updating your Linkedin profile in order to grow your professional network, to writing Cover Letters and CVs, and prepare interviews by practicing, Santiago guided me through the entire process to succeed in my career change.”
Leo Paolini - GIS Analyst
“Santiago is very committed to his client. His method adapts to each one's needs, which helped me effectively for my success in the final phase of a difficult recruiting process. Thank you, Santiago.”
Paulo Aurelio - Integration Developer
“I recommend Santiago as a career coach as I believe he has the right skills to help people and make a difference. In my first meeting with him, he was warm and kind. Santiago knows which questions to ask to find out crucial information and is able to find the career dream and pathway for each individual. He helped me to identify ideas to pursue and which direction to follow. He listened to my ideas and my career dreams and reminded me of what I am good at and what I am capable of. Santiago is reliable, sensible and professional and he has helped me grow and this is because he is incredibly passionate about helping others. I would highly recommend Santiago to others and I thank him for his time.”
Raquel Oliveira - Process and Projects Specialist


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